Demonstrating collaborative creativity – Let’s all work together to create the news! 發揮協同創作精神 大家一起飆新聞

Does “the media” necessarily mean newspapers, magazines, advertising, and TV? You may not have noticed, but the “new media” revolution has been progressing by leaps and bounds. Traditional media are disintegrating, and “collective intelligence” is driving an ever faster process of media innovation. The fact of the matter is that, if you have even the slightest degree of passion or enthusiasm, then you are the media!

The eclipsing of the Encyclopedia Britannica by Wikipedia epitomizes the changes that are taking place in the media ecosystem. While the Encyclopedia Britannica emphasizes individual experts and authoritative views, the main focus in Wikipedia is on “participation by all” and collaborative content creation.

If you consider the familiar position of chief editor at the editorial desk of a newspaper or magazine, the people who fill this role have risen to the top from among hundreds of candidates; only someone who is truly at the head of their field gets to decide which stories will be run. The emphasis here is on professional expertise. However, in society today knowledge is being disseminated in ever more diverse ways; the days of the unidirectional, top-down flow of information are over. Thanks to the wide range of tools for disseminating information that the Internet provides, anyone who wants to make their voice heard can find a platform to express themselves. Creative people can use music, animation, video etc. to present their ideas in concrete form in a range of different media; at the same time, these creative people can see from the number of page views they get, the number of e-mails they receive or the number of people who press “Like” just how many people agree with their ideas, or have the same preferences as them.

Some people may say, “I’m no good with computers, and don’t know how to upload video clips; does this mean I am excluded from participating in the world of “personal media”? Don’t forget that wearing a headband with a message on it, carrying a sandwich-board, or wearing a miniature camera attached to your clothes to record other people’s behavior and reactions - all of this is part of the media too.