Cross-field Integrated Mechanism Innovative Topics Our Values are Born from Our Differences 跨領域整合機制 創新議題 我們的價值 來自我們的不同

A festive atmosphere fills the air everywhere on the evening of December 28, 2010, including the conference room on the 8th floor of Minsheng ITeS Building in Taipei, where over 20 scholars and experts from various fields of security, banking, information technology, securities, real estate agencies, and psychology were attending ideas’s Streaming Innovation Group (SIG) on the issues created by the social network. It was an across-the-field editorial meeting organized under the “Open Innovation” structure, and the format of the forum was, by itself, a great innovation in the print media;
2010年12月28日晚間,各地仍正瀰漫著濃厚的聖誕節氣氛,台北市民生科技服務大樓8樓會議室人聲鼎沸,氣氛熱絡,《創新發現誌(ideas)》社群議題產生會議(SIG,Streaming Innovation Group)熱烈展開,有來自保全、銀行、資訊、證券、房仲及心理學家等跨領域專家學者共20多位成員參與。這是一個在開放式創新結構下(Open Innovation)構建的跨領域編輯會議,在平面媒體也是一大創舉。

Taiwan’s existing media environment is rather traditional, and editorial departments have always had a great deal of power. At editorial meetings, other than large quantities of information collected and the opinions of a few intellectuals (“Wise Man”), editors and journalists of editorial departments are the decision makers of the topics to cover and direction of the content. However, contributions from a single or a few areas of expertise are no longer sufficient.
既有的台灣傳統媒體生態環境,編輯部一向是高度權威的單位,編輯會議的召開,所獲資訊除了是大量資訊的蒐集、少數智庫(Wise Man)的意見外,編輯部的編輯及記者,就完全決定平面媒體的議題及內容走向。但只憑單一或少數領域的意見,已不符需求。

Ideas selected the theme “Constantly under the Spotlight - Convenient or Troublesome?” and invited the SIG members to participate. During the 2-hour discussion, experts from various fields shared their insightful, shocking and unique thoughts on the issues of privacy and safety in their respective industries. One such example was the surge in divorce rates caused by Facebook. A series of follow-up discussions brought about not only unexpected and innovative subjects, but also elicited responses from community websites, forming the exciting content of the cover story in ideas’ March issue.
這次《創新發現誌(ideas)》整理出「隨時隨地被關注,到底是方便還是麻煩?」主題,邀 SIG成員共同討論;在長達2個小時的討論過程中,各領域專家分享其在不同業種中,對隱私及安全的精闢看法及驚人的獨到見解,如Facebook引爆離婚潮議題等。一連串討論,產生令人意想不到的創新話題;並在社群網站回應發酵,形成3月號封面故事「臉書人生」精采報導。