Two brothers whose combined age is only 30 are both successful inventors! 兄弟倆加起來才30歲 發明家創業 各擁一片天

17-year old American social entrepreneur Javier Fernandez-Han, who lives in Wisconsin, is a young inventor with many inventions to his name. Besides inventing a number of energy recycling systems, he has also worked to establish a not-for-profit organization to help young people around the world leverage the power of invention to solve the global problem of poverty. The VERSATILE (Village Energy Reactor Solar Algae Technology Integrated Life Enhancement) system that Fernandez-Han has invented uses seaweed, algae and sunlight to convert agricultural waste products and sewage into energy, food and nutrients. The system is intended to be utilized in the provision of environmental health services for communities in developing nations.
住在美國威斯康辛州的17歲社會企業家Javier Fernndez-Han,是個多產的年輕發明創業家,他不只發明許多具有再生功能的能源系統,也積極成立非營利組織協助全世界的年輕人透過發明解決世界的貧窮問題。他發明的多功能系統Versatile system(Village Energy Reactor Solar Algae Technology Integrated Life Enhancement),是一個透過海藻、細菌以及陽光將農業廢棄物、排泄物以及二氧化碳,轉變為能源、食物以及養分的系統,這系統也可提供開發中的社區環境衛生服務。

Another of Fernandez-Han’s inventions is the ACWa (Affordable Clean Water) system, designed to help provide clean drinking water. This system is capable of extracting potable drinking water from moist air with use of just wind, solar or geothermal energy.
另一項發明是針對乾淨的飲用水所創造的系統ACWa (Affordable Clean Water),ACWa是一套可以只運用風、太陽能及地熱等動力,就可從潮濕的空氣中擷取乾淨飲用水的系統。

Fernandez-Han says that the reason why he has been able to come up with so many innovative ideas and inventions is the education he received from his family, which encouraged his creativity. From an early age, he spent a great deal of time playing with Lego or other “open-ended” toys that can be put together in different ways; he believes that this helped to stimulate his imagination and his creativity.
Javier Fernndez-Han說自己之所以會有這麼多的創意及發明,是來自具有創意的家庭教育,他從小就花許多時間玩樂高或是許多其他具有開放式結果(open-ended)的玩具,它們可以組合出許多不同的樣貌,對激發想像力及創意極有幫助。

Javier Fernandez-Han’s 13-year-old younger brother Fabian is also an inventor, who began to show an interest in the stock market, investment and finance at the age of 10. At the age of 12, he designed the “Oink-a-Saurus,” an application for use on Apple iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch that teaches users how to save and invest. This program won the New York Stock Exchange / By Kids for Kids Financial Future Challenge design competition.
Javier Fernndez-Hank現年13歲的弟弟Fabian Fernndez-Han也是位發明家,10歲開始就展現出對股票投資及財務方面的興趣,12歲時,便設計出一款應用在Apple iPhone、iPad及iPod touch的應用程式Oink-a-Saurus,這個教導使用者如何儲蓄以及投資的應用軟體,獲得美國紐約證券交易所「By Kids for Kids」程式設計大獎。