My first time – Establishing a platform for budding innovators 我們的第一次 建立素人創作平台

September 2010 saw the establishment of the ideas magazine Streaming Innovation Group (SIG), to provide a platform for innovative concepts and for the discussion of innovation-related issues. Meeting once a month, SIG seeks to pick the brains of the experts from many different fields who take part. By creating links to the Facegroup fan group sites of leading figures such as appWorks Ventures founder James Lin and “Mr.6” (Liu Wei-Lin), SIG has succeeded in building an impressive platform for integrating the virtual with the physical. To mark the third anniversary of the founding ideas magazine, the combined capabilities of a group of more than 100 experts, nearly 1,000 budding innovators and digital content creators, and around one million Internet users, are being exploited to come up with more exciting ideas.
去年9月,《創新發現誌(ideas)》SIG(Streaming Innovation Group)成立,提供創意發想及議題創造的實體平台,每個月一次的聚會,將與會跨領域專家的點子全淘出來。再透過與包括之初創投林之晨、Mr.6等知名Facebook粉絲團的連結,產生巨大虛實整合的議題創作平台。此次在《創新發現誌(ideas)》三週年之際,集結了上百位的專家、近千位素人及數位內容生產者及百萬網民的豐沛能量,再一次定點引爆。

As a part of the media itself, ideas is constantly pondering the question of what “the media” actually is. In reality, as a result of the trend towards digital convergence, the media is no longer the media that we are familiar with from the past. ideas itself has already undergone a process of rebirth and comprehensive transformation that reflects this media revolution. The platform provided by ideas makes it possible for a wide range of different voices to be heard, thereby attracting attention to a wider range of issues, which in turn helps to encourage budding innovators, contributes to the growth of a new category of grassroots economic activity, and stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration. All of the items noted above just methods; there is just one shared objective, which is to enhance Taiwan’s “soft power” and help give Taiwanese industry the power and energy it needs to transform itself.

This is the thinking behind the “ideas Stars” competition. Although there was no prize money on offer, the competition attracted 181 creative entries within the space of less than two weeks. There were four categories: video, graphics, text, and three-dimensional creations. The entrants themselves ranged in age from 8 to 50. A total of 23 works were selected as “ideas Stars” with the potential for real success in the future.