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Gathering of foremen in Beijing – An innovative trend for interior decoration
北京現場──工頭大會串 裝潢有看頭

While it may be difficult to afford your own house in Beijing, it is even harder to have the house properly decorated. The main reason is that the prices demanded by high-end interior design companies are simply beyond the reach of most homeowners, and run-of-the-mill operations on the streets, though less expensive, are anything but reputable.

As a result, an alternative interior design service is emerging in Beijing and steadily becoming more accepted by the public. Meet the Internet-based Foremen’s Club. This “club” brings together foremen from the interior decoration industry and publishes detailed information such as their areas of expertise and features of their work on the club website. Based on their preferences, clients can contact and arrange a meeting with a foreman to receive a quotation or meet with several foremen from the same club at once, in which case the foremen will compete with one another in terms of factors such as price. Potential clients can then decide on a trusted foreman to carry out their interior design work.

The Foremen’s Club also guarantees the quality of each foreman’s work. With the guarantee deposits left by the foremen with the club, in the event that clients are dissatisfied with the foremen’s services, the club has the power to compensate clients with the deposits. It is little wonder that these mutually constraining arrangements and mutually beneficial prices are becoming more and more popular.