Connected Stores are a New Marketing Channel that Bridges Virtual and Real Worlds 連網商店 虛實整合的行銷新通路

Many people who like to shop for clothes in stores must find it inconvenient to have to try on endless outfits before they can decide which styles they like the most or fit them the best. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a virtual dressing mirror that could allow us to figure out which clothes we like without having to change?

In fact, the British clothing company Topshop has introduced a virtual dressing mirror developed by the Russian company AR Door, which allows customers to try on any of the clothes that are displayed in the store before they decide whether to buy them by simply standing in front of the screen of the virtual dressing mirror and waving their arms.
事實上,英國Topshop服飾公司,就引進了一套由俄羅斯AR door開發的虛擬試衣鏡,想試穿衣服的顧客,只要站在虛擬試衣鏡的螢幕前面揮動雙手,就可隨心所欲換上店內所展示的各式各樣衣服,再決定是否購買。

In Japan, websites for eyeglass companies are also providing virtual services that allow consumers to download software and use their webcam and Internet connection to try on all sorts of eyeglasses, and even take photos of themselves with the glasses to upload to Twitter and Facebook so that they can share and discuss with their friends which pair to purchase.

The Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications and Services Institute under the Institute for Information Industry has also developed “connected stores” that use innovative new service applications and offer a series of complete services based on the consumer shopping process of selecting, trying on, paying for merchandise and buying additional items.