Information Services Make for Easier Navigation in Taipei Jason Lin Makes Transportation More Convenient by Empathizing 資訊服務有感覺臺北好行無障礙 林志盈用同理心讓交通更便利

In the age before GPS devices and smart phones, the most common excuses for standing people up or being late for school were things like “I couldn’t catch the bus and I didn’t have money to take a taxi” or “I waited for half an hour without seeing a single bus!”

Beginning in late April of 2011, the Taipei City Department of Transportation began making the “Taipei Easy Go” app available in the App Store and Android Market. This app provides information on the locations of Taipei City buses, parking lots, real-time traffic conditions, and bicycles, etc., and provides recommendations for transferring between buses and MRT lines, as well as schedules for the Taiwan Railway, High Speed Railway, Songshan Airport, and coach lines. By the end of June, the app had been downloaded more than 80 thousand times and ranked No. 1 in the App Store’s travel category, which shows that there is a huge demand for real-time transportation information.
從2011年4月底開始,臺北市交通局開始在App Store和Android Market上提供「臺北好行」App,提供北市公車動態、交通資訊(停車場、即時路況、單車…)、公車捷運轉乘建議、台鐵/高鐵/松山機場航班及客運轉程時刻查詢等多項交通資訊服務。到6月底下載次數已超過8萬次,更曾在App Store旅遊類排行榜位居第1名,顯示民眾對即時交通資訊的迫切需求。

Commissioner Jason Tse-Ying Lin of the Taipei City Department of Transportation pointed out that having too much information in our modern lives can cause anxiety, but if we can proactively manage and utilize the information instead of being overwhelmed by it, we can improve our quality of life.

In order to help more people appreciate the transportation information services provided by the Taipei City Department of Transportation, Jason Tse-Ying Lin uses the “Taipei Easy Go” app every week. By setting a reminder for 5 minutes before the bus arrives, he can plan when to head to the bus stop without wasting any time waiting.