Xue Xue Institute Chairperson Lilin Hsu:Culture and creativity are the true colors of Taiwan 學學文創志業董事長徐莉玲:文創才是台灣的顏色

Xue Xue Institute Chairperson Lilin Hsu believes that “the cultural and creative industries are the industries that can help Taiwan with branding and cultivation of taste.” With regards to the fact that Taiwan’s economy desperately needs to change from a focus on OEM to creation of its own brands, Hsu directly emphasized the “culture and creativity” angle and pointed out Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries current positioning, functions and development strategies.

She stressed that it is extremely important for Taiwan to develop cultural and creative industries, whether for big things such as branding the nation, for its cities and for corporations, or small things like cultivating personal taste. Once there is a clear goal, developing the cultural and creative industries will no longer be just a slogan, and we can work on implementation, build creative platforms, increase Taiwan’s international visibility and help Taiwan grow from a manufacturing nation to a cultural nation through training programs, skills cultivation and injection of venture capital.

The cultural and creative industries are not owned by a few elites; they comprise every trace of our lives that you and I leave on this land. Every country has colors that represent its own culture, so Lilin Hsu wants you to ask yourself: What is Taiwan’s color? The answer is definitely not blue or green. The cultural and creative industries are so closely related to our lives. They depend on ambitious and passionate people to get involved and integrate, tolerate and promote, and create a force that is powerful enough to turn the entire country’s industries around.
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