Tony K.M. Chang , CEO of Taiwan Design Center: Bringing Taipei Closer to Becoming a Design Capital like Paris and London 台灣創意設計中心執行長張光民:讓台北邁向設計之都與巴黎倫敦並駕齊驅

It is not easy to bestow cultural and historic meaning upon an over-70-year-old historic building and add fashion and design elements to it in 11 months, or just over 300 days. Yet, in order to create a platform for creativity and design that would bring Taipei closer to becoming a “design capital” on the same level as the fashion capitals of Paris and London, Tony K.M. Chang , CEO of the Taiwan Design Center, and his team of one hundred have embarked on this “impossible” mission for the first time in history.

“We’ve been here since October of last year, and initially there was no water and no electricity. We’ve only had air conditioning since June.” In order to organize the “2011 IDA Congress, Taipei,” which is considered the “United Nations General Assembly of the design world,” Chang and his team moved into the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park. He pointed out that in developing culture and making innovations, cultural, artistic, and historical meaning needs to be included. Moreover, industrial clusters need to be formed at the same time. The Songshan Cultural & Creative Park has exactly this kind of atmosphere.

Chang said that after having participated in several important international exhibitions, such as with the Taiwan and Taipei Pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, and the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition, Taiwan’s abundant creativity has been seen and acknowledged by the world.

Hosting the 2011 IDA Congress is a major milestone for the development of the design industry in Taiwan. It not only brings together design elites from all over the world and creates fashion and design trends, but it will also give Taiwanese people an opportunity to have access to the masters of international design without having to travel overseas.