New “Content King”新內容王

In the explosive age of information, the augmentation of content is critical. Take the epic movie Seediq Bale for example. The process of content augmentation enabled the film to expand into tourism, clothing, music, and games. Special events and marketing strategies were interconnected in accordance with consumer demographics.

Recently, a marketing event featured several overseas Filipino workers returning to their country and reuniting with their families. A video of the event was uploaded to YouTube and attracted close to a million hits in just ten days. The driving force behind the event was the Coca-Cola Company, an establishment with more than 100 years of history.
最近菲律賓出現一則針對「海外菲律賓工作者」(Overseas Filipino Workers)的行銷活動,多名「菲傭」回到菲律賓與家人團聚。這則影片上傳至YouTube,短短10天就吸引近百萬人次點閱,推動行銷的操盤手竟是有百年歷史的可口可樂。

The company first documented footage of hardships faced by these workers overseas, and then offered them free tickets to return home. These workers were then driven home to their loved ones in a special Coca-Cola vehicle. At the carefully planned homecoming party, touching images of tearful workers embracing their family members moved countless viewers world-wide.

This marketing case exemplifies the critical element of how “Content is King”. When all is said and done, high quality content is what really attracts viewers. After being carefully packaged with marketing techniques and uploaded to YouTube, this warm and touching video clip was viewed by people in countries all across the world using computers, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and Internet TV. During the course of the campaign, budget was the least of all concerns.
這個行銷案例實際就掌握了「Content is King」的關鍵要素。優質的內容是最吸引人的,再透過包裝處理,傳輸到 YouTube平台上,透過電腦、手機、平板電腦、網路電視,讓這支溫馨影片在全球強力放送。而整個行銷過程中,預算是最微不足道的問題。

Caption:In the explosive age of information, the augmentation of content is critical.