What do a mother from an indigenous community and Ms. Chen, a member of a low-income household, have to say? The new digital lifestyles of five major consumer groups 原住民媽媽、低收入戶陳太太…怎麼說? 五大消費族群的數位新生活

One of the most significant current trends is that towards digital convergence. On June 30, 2012, the National Communications Commission (NCC) will be completing the transition to digital technology when it switches off the analog TV signal. How do the five main consumer groups – members of Taiwan’s indigenous nations, low-income households, young people, working mothers, and the elderly – who make up most of the 1.5 million households that only receive terrestrial TV (as opposed to cable or satellite), feel about digital TV?
數位匯流是時代趨勢, 國家通訊傳播委員會(NCC)將於2012年6月30日關閉無線電視類比頻道,完成數位轉換。對150萬戶的無線電視收視戶,包括原住民、低收入戶、青少年、上班族媽媽及銀髮族這五大消費族群,他(她)們如何看待數位電視?

Ms. Chen Hsiu-mei is a 52-year-old member of the Amis nation who runs a traditional indigenous clothing workshop in Shoufeng Township, Hualien County. Ms. Chen knew nothing about computers, but during the school summer holiday in 2011 her daughter helped her to start selling her products on the Ruten online auction platform, opening up a new sales channel for her. Ms. Chen feels that, given that almost every household has a TV set, being able to link the TV up to online shopping platforms should give a major boost to her business.

In November, an employee of the Township Office came to the home of another Ms. Chen, in Fengyuan District, Taichung County, to install a set-top box and antenna for her. When her husband came home from work and saw the improved definition and color saturation on the TV screen, he asked her “Where did you get enough money to buy a new TV set?”

The National Communications Commission (NCC) is working with individual township and district offices in every county and city in Taiwan to install set-top boxes for low-income households, free of charge. The NCC expects to have completed this task by the end of April 2012; Ms. Chen’s family is one of the 120,000 households that will benefit.

Ms. Chen says that, before, when she was watching her favorite soap opera, the female lead’s face always looked too red, and the other colors also seemed unnatural, but she didn’t have the money to buy a new TV set, so she just had to put up with it. She says that “Now we’ve had a set-top box installed, the people on TV are all much better-looking!”
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