Accuvally Inc. CEO Luo Tzu-wen in conversation with Luo Yi-chun, Managing Director and Head of China Strategy, Industrial Bank of Taiwan In the competitive electronic ticketing market, marketing capab

The Accupass event ticketing platform developed by Accuvally Inc. is used by the National CKS Cultural Center in Taiwan, and is already establishing a reputation for itself in the electronic ticketing market in China. In this “virgin territory” with a market worth billions of NT dollars, Accupass is achieving rapid growth thanks to its speed and flexible innovation capability.

ideas magazine invited Luo Yi-chun, Managing Director and Head of China Strategy at the Industrial Bank of Taiwan, who has been active in China in recent years and has an in-depth knowledge of venture capital companies and start-ups in both Taiwan and China, to examine the business model and management strategy that Accuvally has employed in Taiwan and China, and to put forward suggestions for improvement.

Luo Yi-chun: “Based on my understanding of the situation in China, while China’s ‘hardware’ infrastructure may be very impressive, there are still major weaknesses in terms of the ‘software’ and ability to provide effective service to customers. There is significant potential for using Taiwan as a test-bed for new types of customer-friendly services, getting the business model right in Taiwan first before replicating it in China; I feel that this is a sensible strategy.”

“If you want to succeed in the electronic ticketing market, marketing ability is more important than technological capabilities. Chinese companies are able to replicate technology very quickly, so just having the best product isn’t necessarily sufficient to ensure success in China. To win in China, you need to roll out your network of business locations as quickly as possible so that as many people as possible become familiar with your services.”

Accuvally CEO Luo Tzu-wen: “At our company, we think carefully about every stage in the implementation of our technology and marketing strategies. We don’t announce everything at once, and we don’t fool ourselves into thinking that none of our competitors will ever be able to match our technology. What we do try to do is to delay the point at which other firms can replicate our technology as long as possible; we try to make the barriers to entry as high as possible for them.”