Becoming the warrior in Seediq Bale Fusing the art and technology 科技藝術合體 台北好文創 讓你變身賽德克‧巴萊主角

The interactive digital signage “Taipei Culture-Creativity”, developed by the Institute for Information Industry (III), had become the perfect “spokesperson” for the cultural and creative industries, and the arts as a whole, in Taiwan. As part of the efforts to promote Taiwan film production, members of the public can come and stand in front of digital signage to have a photograph taken that shows them together with the main characters from successful Taiwanese movies. Through manipulation of the photographic image, you can be “transformed” immediately into one of the characters in the movie.

Cheng-sheng Chiu, Deputy CEO of the Taipei Culture Foundation, points out that, today, marketing campaigns could not limit to traditional media. The “Taipei Culture-Creativity” developed by the III, makes usage of fun and exciting interaction between people and machines, and has proved extremely popular with the general public. The “Taipei Culture-Creativity” has been installed in the exhibition area of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to coincide with the holding of the Taipei Design Expo 2011, so that visitors to the Expo can enjoy this unique interactive experience.

“Taipei Culture-Creativity” can be used to publicize famous tourist destinations in Taiwan, cultural and creative activities, and major Taiwan films. The activity that children and adults enjoy most is the option to have one’s photo taken with the main character from a popular Taiwanese film. Stand in front of the digital signage, and you get a photograph showing you together with Mona Rudao, the hero of the film Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (showing him either as a young man, or as an older man), turning you into one of the characters in the movie. To obtain the photograph, you enter your e-mail address into the digital signage; you can also choose to have the photo uploaded onto your Facebook page to share with your friends.