Second home for Shakespeare Stratford in Canada 莎士比亞的第二故鄉 加拿大史特拉福市 文化與科技交會的光亮

Stratford, Ontario is a small city, with only 32,000 inhabitants. Since the founding of the city’s Shakespeare Festival in 1952, Stratford has gradually succeeded in integrating culture with high technology to make Shakespearean cultural assets from the Europe shine out brightly in the New World. Through this integration of culture and technology, this small town has developed a global vision, a vision which has been recognized by the awarding to Stratford of a place on the Intelligent Community Forum’s list of the Top Seven of 2011.
加拿大史特拉福(Stratford, ON)這個只有32000人口的小城市,自從1952年成為莎士比亞節(Shakespeare Festival)主辦城市後,便將文化結合科技,讓來自舊大陸的莎士比亞遺產在新大陸發揚光大,也將小鎮的文化與科技帶進全球視野,進而獲智慧社群論壇(Intelligent Community Forum)選為2011全球七大智慧社群。

The Shakespeare Festival involves far more than just putting on performances of Shakespeare’s plays. Anita Gaffney, the Festival’s executive director, explains that, over the period from April to November each year, the Festival showcases 12 – 16 ballets based on Shakespeare plays, with a total of 600 – 700 performances that attract 500,000 visitors a year from all over the world.
莎士比亞節不只是在劇院把莎翁劇碼搬演一遍而已,史特拉福藝術節行政總監Anita Gaffney說明,這個每年從4月到11月的盛會,每季都推出12至16套全新莎翁芭蕾舞劇,演出600到700場次,吸引全球50萬觀眾。

Gaffney has overall responsibility for supervising the organizing of the Shakespeare Festival, including the related training, education, PR and financial management. She notes proudly that, while the Festival costs around C$570,000 a year to organize, performance ticket sales, book publishing, and sales of peripheral products bring in an annual total of around C$135 million in revenue for Stratford. According to Stratford’s city government, the Shakespeare Festival is the town’s largest employer, providing 1,000 full-time jobs and creating other 3,000 related jobs for local residents, as well as an average of 250 seasonal jobs that are filled by cultural workers from all over the world.

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