The legend of 100% employment Asia University is boosting by Nobel masters 亞洲大學接軌國際 站上巨人肩膀 蔡進發創造100%就業傳奇

Located in the Wufeng District of Taichung City, over the past two years Asia University has invited 10 Nobel Prize winners and other leading international experts to lecture at the University. Dr. Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Asia University President said, “We want to make Asia University a university that stands out from the crowd, and we believe that internationalization is the way to achieve this goal.” Dr. Tsai said that Asia University will continue working towards this objective.

Dr. Tsai notes that the choice of “Asia University” as the university’s name reflects the desire to internationalize, and make the University a truly world-class institution. This internationalization strategy can be seen in four key areas. Firstly, there is the forging of “sister university” relationships with leading international universities such as Stanford. Secondly, Nobel Prize winners from other countries are invited to lecture at the University every year. Thirdly, Asia University has worked to create an internationalized learning environment; for example, last year the University established a new International College, whose students currently includes 237 students from 18 different countries. Fourthly, the University encourages students to participate in international competitions and award schemes, including major international design competitions such as Germany’s Red Dot, IF, and IDEA, as well as international invention competitions. The aim here is to get students active outside the campus, on the international stage.

Dr. Tsai says that the fundamental element internationalization is respect, including having tolerance and respect for difference cultures. Asia University has succeeded in creating an internationalized environment, and in raising the caliber (and broadening the outlook) of both faculty members and students. At the same time, this strategy has also helped the University to differentiate itself. Another special feature of Asia University is the assistance that the University provides in arranging internships and other work experience opportunities; for example, students in the Department of Social Work are helped to take up internships with various social welfare agencies and organizations. As a result, students at Asia University can be almost certain of finding jobs after they graduate.