【Reading Lab】「我們會消失。」—墨西哥女性最沈痛的怒吼

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【Reading Lab】「我們會消失。」—墨西哥女性最沈痛的怒吼

An estimated 80,000 women flooded the streets of central Mexico City to denounce gender-based violence in Mexico’s biggest ever International Women’s Day march. Women and girls of all ages dressed in purple which is the color of the feminist movement and wore green kerchiefs in support of abortion rights.


Made up of at least 70 different feminist and women’s rights groups as well as large numbers of women who marched of their own accord, the protesters clamored for justice, equality, and most loudly for an end to the gender-based violence in Mexico, where an average of 10 women are murdered every day.


“More than a year after the arrival of the new government, our demands remain unanswered. We don’t accept López Obrador playing down our demands;if this government wants a transformation of this county, they have to face the problem.” “We tell the president that the victims have a name, the victims have families.” said activists from the stage set up in the city center.

在城中心廣場的舞台上,抗議者悲憤表示:「新政府上任一年多以來,我們的訴求依舊未獲得重視,我們也不能接受López Obrador(墨西哥總統)忽視這些聲音。如果政府想要改造這個國家,他們必須面對這個問題。」、「我們想告訴總統,那些受害者們都是有名字、有家人的人。」

Marches to mark International Women’s Day were also held in many other parts of Mexico on same day including Guadalajara, the country’s second-biggest city, where the water in a public fountain was dyed red to symbolize the spilled blood of murdered women.

在同一天,墨西哥其他許多地方也發起國際婦女節的抗議遊行活動,包括第二大城市— Guadalajara,這裡公共噴泉中的水被染成紅色,象徵著被謀殺婦女的鮮血。