New types of micro-enterprise startup that have developed in response to high unemployment 工作不好找 另類微型創業

Chongqing Report – “Slow Delivery”
In a nondescript row of shops on Jiefangbei 51 Road in Chongqing City, one shop stands out from the others because of its unusual name: the main business area of “Chen Zaixin’s Store” is “slow delivery.” This is basically the same type of service as express delivery; the difference is that customers have to write down the date on which they want the letter or package delivered. This is very important! The store owner ensures that the item is delivered on the date that you specified. You can send letters or presents to friends, or even to your future self. On the face of it, this seems like an incredibly boring thing to want to do, but in reality it is reflection of the loneliness that many young urbanites feel.

Taipei Report – Miniature Haute Cuisine Restaurants in Residential Apartments
Recently, a number of very low-key, mysterious restaurants of a completely new kind have started to appear in the high-class residential areas of Taipei City’s DaAn District and XinYi District, and in the university district around GongGuan and GuTing where National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University are located. These are “apartment-based ‘home recipe’ restaurants.” Unlike ordinary restaurants where patrons can just turn up at the door, these restaurants are hidden away inside apartment buildings; it is only when the door is opened that you realize what the apartment is hiding.

The operation of these restaurants is usually very low profile. They don’t advertise themselves, or even have a sign outside the door; instead, they rely on word-of-mouth advertising. Because the cooking takes place in the apartment kitchen, they are only able to take two or three bookings a night, and reservation is compulsory. Most of these restaurants have no menu as such; what the restaurant owner serves customers depends on the owner’s creative whims and what fresh ingredients they have been able to buy that day. The food is high-quality, expensive haute cuisine; these restaurants can best be described as “low-key luxury” secreted away from view in apartment buildings.