Exclusive Interview with Chang San-cheng, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan Aspiring to be the Best ICT Salesperson ICT with Customer-Oriented Principles專訪行政院政務委員張善政 以客為尊 自許成為ICT最佳推銷員

Chang San-cheng, who will join the new cabinet as a minister without portfolio, has close ties with the ICT industry and is well versed in the innovative power of international software services. Aspiring to be the Taiwan ICT industry’s number one salesperson, Chang attempts to uncover the reasons why customers don’t use certain products and propose solutions accordingly. He has laid the blueprint for the future development of Taiwan’s cloud computing and software services.


Chang San-cheng explains that the role of an ICT salesperson is not simply to talk up a product, but rather to find a way to solve problems that customers experience while using the product. “A product may be great, but for some reason a customer won’t use it. In this case, we must try to offer solutions,” Chang says. “A salesperson must meet two criteria. First, he must be unpretentious but look for opportunities to make customers love his products. Second, he must assist customers when they encounter problems while using his products.”


The products Chang San-cheng is referring to are “cloud computing services,” and the customers are governmental agencies, such as the Council of Agriculture (Agricultural Cloud), the Council for Cultural Affairs (Cultural and Creative Cloud), and the Department of Health (Medical Cloud). Chang believes that every agency needs to incorporate ICT into their operation, but they may have problems with funding, staff, or technology. Therefore, these problems must be detected and solved. Chang says, “You shouldn't think that every agency is responsible for helping you with ICT. Conversely, you should be using ICT to make things easier for them.” This is a customer-oriented principle. “The best salesperson must be able to make a customer sincerely want to buy his product.” Chang San-cheng clearly sets his goals high.

張善政口裡所說的產品,指的是「雲端運算服務」,客戶則是指政府各部會,如農委會(農業雲)、文建會(文創雲)、衛生署(醫療雲)等。他相信每一個部會對導入ICT都有需求,但可能會面臨資金、人才或技術的問題,必須發現問題,並設法解決。他說,「不要認為所有部會都應該協助你把ICT產業搞好,反過來應該是你要用ICT幫他們把事情弄好」。以客戶需求為導向,「最佳的推銷員是要讓客戶從心底去buy in你的產品」,這是張善政對自我的高度期許。