Results of Survey on App Requirements of 100 Service Providers Published 55% of Service Providers to Launch App Services within Year 百大服務業App需求大調查出爐 55%業者 一年內推出App服務

According to the results of a joint survey by ideas and China Credit Information Service on the app requirements of 100 service providers, as many as half of those interviewed believe that apps are an important medium for the marketing services of a company and are upbeat about their future growth potential. In addition, 55% of the surveyed service providers plan to launch app services within one year.


The survey reveals that 90% of the interviewees have used apps, but only 37% of them work in companies that have app services. 63% of the 100 service providers have not adopted apps as a marketing tool. Among the 37% which have launched app services, nearly 50% has just one app, with 26% of companies having two to four apps and more than 5 apps.


In terms of content, the most common and most basic services of apps are product and service info, which are offered by 26% of the surveyed companies. Mobile shopping and digital content sales account for 12%; virtual reality integration such as QR Code accounts for 11%; other services such as community integration brand marketing, mobile membership services, game-style promotions, and mobile advertisement account for less than 1%; cross-media integration, instant messaging/customer services, and AR (augmented reality) applications account for less than 5%.

在App的服務內容方面,最多的服務是產品及服務資訊,占26%,也是最陽春的服務;其次為行動購物/數位內容銷售,占12%;QR Code虛實整合互動型占11%;其餘包括社群整合型品牌行銷、隨身會員服務、遊戲型促銷活動及行動廣告等,占不到1成;而跨媒體互動整合、即時通訊/客戶服務及AR擴增實境創意應用型占有率不到5%。

It is clear the services currently provided by companies fall short of the expectations of customers, and some interviewees think that more apps can be designed to perform functions such as text messages, LBS (Location-Based Service), payments, and pre-orders.