【Reading Lab】汽車大亨Toyota,打造日本第一座「智慧城市」

Toyota to Build Prototype City of the Future in Japan

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【Reading Lab】汽車大亨Toyota,打造日本第一座「智慧城市」
photocredit: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corp said on Jan. 6th it plans to build a prototype "city of the future" at the base of Japan's Mt Fuji, powered by hydrogen fuel cells and functioning as a laboratory for autonomous cars, "smart homes," artificial intelligence and other technologies.

日本汽車大廠豐田(Toyota)於1月6日表示,將計畫在富士山旁打造未來城市原型,以氫電池來提供能源,並作為自動駕駛車輛實驗室 smart homes,也用於發展人工智慧與其他科技。

The development, to be built at the site of a closed factory, will be called "Woven City" - a reference to Toyota's start as a loom manufacturing company - and will serve as a home to full-time residents and researchers.

這座未來城市位置將在一封閉廠區,名稱為Woven City,靈感來自豐田以織造廠起家,Woven City未來也將成為全職常駐專家及研究者的家。

Toyota did not disclose costs for the project.


Executives at many major automakers have talked about how cities of the future could be designed to cut climate-changing emissions from vehicles and buildings, reduce congestion and apply internet technology to everyday life. But Toyota's plan to build a futuristic community on 175 acres (71 hectares) near Mt Fuji is a big step beyond what rivals have proposed.