Su Li-Mei, the "godmother" of "idol" soap operas, single-handedly created the concept of innovative "idol" soap operas with real artistic value 偶像劇教母蘇麗媚 一手打造偶像文創劇

“Insist on going your own way, and do something that has value.” Su Li-Mei, who played a major behind-the-scenes role in the development of the Taiwanese “idol” soap opera (a type of soap opera that includes famous pop singers, etc., in the cast), and who is also the founder of the media firm Dreamland Image Co., Ltd., has created a new archetype for the modern woman, while at the same time integrating Taiwanese TV drama with the cultural and creative sector, and leading the way in the development of the new “cultural and creative economy” as she creates innovative new business models suited to the trend towards digital convergence.

Su Li-Mei describes herself in this way: “I think there is definitely a rebellious side to my character, and I am used to thinking laterally, although this is something I had to train myself to do.” “Whenever one ‘idol’ soap opera comes to an end, I sit down calmly and collectedly to identify the factors that made it a success, so that I know not to duplicate those factors in the future; next time, I want to come up with something even better, to brainstorm something even more innovative.” It is precisely this determination not to keep following the same path that provides the driving force for Su Li-Mei’s constant innovation.

Starting with At Dolphin Bay, Su Li-Mei has more-or-less single-handedly created several high-quality, original Taiwanese “idol” soap operas. Today, Su’s soap operas enjoy strong word-of-mouth reputation and high ratings, but when she first decided to move into the cultural and creative field, the general feeling within the entertainment industry was that she was being very innovative, but also very courageous. Their attitude was, given the state of the popular culture environment in Taiwan at that time, why insist on making your own soap opera based on an original concept? In the event, every time Su Li-Mei has embarked on a new project, she has succeeded in making her “mission impossible” a success, and in getting the entertainment market to sit up and take notice.